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Orphan Drugs

Overlooking the profit motive & to make India self sufficient, we manufacture several orphan drugs which do not have adequate market potential, but are essential for the healthcare needs of the medical profession.

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Pralidoxime Chloride

The salt of Pam in Neopam is Pralidoxime chloride, which contains a higher percentage of the active drug as compared to the iodide salt. The principal action of pralidoxime is to reactivate cholinesterase (mainly outside of the central nervous system) which has been inactivated by phosphorylation due to an organophosphate pesticide or related compound.

The destruction of accumulated acetylcholine can then proceed and neuromuscular junctions will again function normally. Pralidoxime also slows the process of "aging" of phosphorylated cholinesterase to a non-reactivatable form and detoxifies certain organophosphates by direct chemical reaction. The drug has its most critical effect in relieving paralysis of the muscles of the respiratory tract.


Corporate Philosophy
Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Limited is a young pharmaceutical company, which has acquired a reputation of an innovative company, over the years. We have been steadfastly sowing the basics of Innovation, Quality and Service to reap excellence.

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